portrait + Wedding photography

I'm Valerie. I'm an East-Coast based photographer who digs real moments.
I don't think professional has to mean stuffy or traditional. I believe in doing things your own way, being yourself and having some fun along the way. 

Rachel needed a few simple headshots for work and profile photos and good stuff… that were on the “classic traditional side” but maybe a little less stiff… so we took a few. Simple as that. Quick and painless. A thing I really love about being a DC lifestyle headshot photographer is that my clients all […]

Remember when we could only have 10 people in the same place at the same time? I would like to not remember it, actually… but there are a few shining moments that came out of seeing people pull together to make things happen. Restaurants had to adjust… and we all know the events industry went […]

Meghan is an awesome lady. And a past Bride of mine. And just an all around fun person to be around. She needed some fun buisnessy-content photos so we went to the ViBe District to take some Headshots. Being a Virginia Beach Headshot Photographer is one of my favorite things to do because it seems […]

Ohhhh, you know… just an awesome style shoot put together by some of the best Hampton Roads wedding vendors where I got to pretend I was a Kellam Estate Wedding Photographer. Here’s the deal… if I shoot a style shoot… I need it to be with real people. We’re going to fake the whole day… […]

Sonia | DC Headshot Photographer | Library of Congress Portrait Session | National Gallery of Art Portrait Session Who says you can’t be fun AND professional AND kick ass in DC? Two outfits. Two spots. All of that helps.

Hampton Roads Marketing Photographer | Slover Library | Norfolk, VA¬† I love being from Virginia Beach. I love Norfolk. I love being a Hampton Roads Marketing Photographer and getting to meet and photograph people who are really making a difference in our little piece of the world. And I’m obsessed with seeing all of the […]

Despite the fact I live in Hampton Roads, I actually don’t get the chance to be a Norfolk Wedding Photographer or a Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer all that often. I primarily shoot Richmond Weddings and DC Weddings. AND I don’t take on styled shoots all that often, but when Misty approached me with an idea […]

This is Jarrell. He’s an all-around awesome dude. His wife is cool. His kids are cool. He’s a great dude to know and have as a friend. And he does really cool things for the area under the local -love and munchie-market coordinating, Nomarama… He made some merch and dreamed up this casual lifestyle session […]