DC Lifestyle Headshot Photographer | Portraits at Logan Circle

Rachel needed a few simple headshots for work and profile photos and good stuff… that were on the “classic traditional side” but maybe a little less stiff… so we took a few. Simple as that. Quick and painless. A thing I really love about being a DC lifestyle headshot photographer is that my clients all have really cool, really important jobs, but are always fun and down to earth and wonderful. Rachel was one of those people. She’s a journalist. And the coolest. DC always gets this stuffy, snobby stereotype… and I have to tell you, I’ve never encountered it. I’m sure it exists… but in the same way it exists other places. DC will always have a piece of my heart. (I’d be there every single week if I could… and not just for Caps games.) If you’re looking for headshots and want to help me prove DC is as cool as I think it is, you know where to find me. (Boo boring headshots.)