I believe in authentic smiles and spur of the moment tears and laughing with your entire body and capturing all of those things.

I believe in the moments in-between moments.

I believe in the being true to yourself...
and being proud of who you are.

I believe in guided portraits, not cheesy poses. I'm here to document real events and real people, not direct characters on a movie set.

honest portraiture

i believe in

I believe that photos should make people feel like they know you; make them think they can hear your laugh; make them feel as if they were right there with you. 

I believe in love and that every love story is worth telling. Every single person should be able to celebrate finding their person. I want to celebrate that with you.

I believe in couch cuddles and quiet nights in and playing cards at the brewery down the street and in reading books and in taking your dog for a walk. Your photos should reflect who you are.

i believe in treating your moments like portraits and 

your portraits like moments.

I believe in being upfront and open with everything. My pricing is completely outlined on my website. I don't do sales pitches. I won't pressure you into anything and there are no hidden fees.
(Except taxes because I have to pay the man.)

I believe in making transactions as stress-free and as easy as possible. Business doesn't have to be complicated just like getting your portrait taken doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

I believe in finding the right photographer for you. It might not be me... and that's 100% ok... but I sure hope it is.

I believe that my clients are more than just the amount of money they can spend or more than the bottom line. You are more than a number or a date on the calendar. If you are 100% sure I am your person... we will always find a way to make it work.

I believe in the art and importance of what I do. Telling your story through photography is part of your legacy and a pretty rad honor on my part. 

I believe in connections. It will always be me on the other side of the camera or returning an email.

i believe professional doesn't have to mean

traditional or stuffy.

I believe any editing of your photos should enhance them and not date them. You spent time picking specific colors and outfits for a reason.

I believe in greens. That sounds crazy... but if you know, you know... and greens should be green.

I believe you are a smokin' hot babe and that I don't need to photoshop your photos to prove it to you. 

I believe in keeping the mood and tone of your images authentic to the day and moment.

I believe in kind hearts and in compassion and in equality. I believe in the good.

I believe portrait sessions should feel like friends hanging out and having fun. I will try my very best to make it less awkward.

Most of all, I believe that I am the luckiest person on earth. What I get to do day in and day out is amazing and meaningful and creative and I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you for that. Thank you for trusting me with your memories. Thank you for being here. 

i believe photography is an investment,

not just an item on a checklist.