ELT Livestream Dream Team | Virginia Beach Concert Photographer

Remember when we could only have 10 people in the same place at the same time? I would like to not remember it, actually… but there are a few shining moments that came out of seeing people pull together to make things happen. Restaurants had to adjust… and we all know the events industry went off the deep end… but live music also pretty much went out the door. I did purchase my fair share of live streams from bands I love… but local musicians were sort of lost to figure things out their own. I was lucky enough to get the tippy tap to be part of the Livestream Dream Team for Everybody Loves Tequila (who have since retired from live shows… and I’m still sad about it). It was thanks to locations like Sk8 House and Chichos (go there… get the spicy sauce) and some pretty smart friends of mine that these guys got to play some live music for people… even if it was over a computer screen. We wound up doing two different ones during the lockdown but since I’m catching up on blogs, I figure I’d just put them all in one post.

Round one was at Sk8 House in VB. They got to play under giant disco balls… ok, yes please. And Micah put skates on at one point… I would have broken my ankle.

Round two at Chicho’s in strawbridge. Go there. Or any Chicho’s. Like a real VB local… its been my favorite forever. They even have a pretty great gluten free option now that I have to eat that… if you want my secret order- gluten free crust, spicy sauce, spicy sausage, ricotta. You’re welcome.