Virginia Beach Headshot Photographer | ViBe District Headshots

Meghan is an awesome lady. And a past Bride of mine. And just an all around fun person to be around. She needed some fun buisnessy-content photos so we went to the ViBe District to take some Headshots. Being a Virginia Beach Headshot Photographer is one of my favorite things to do because it seems like people are always the most nervous… and if there is something I’m good at, it’s breaking down that awkward, posey, weirdness that comes along with a photoshoot. Being by yourself with a camera pointed at you isn’t exactly the easiest experience, and seems daunting, but I promise we can make it at least KIND OF fun. (I bet you won’t hate it in the end. And you might even say it was fun.) Headshots don’t need to feel stuffy. Or boring. Let’s let that kickass personality shine through… it’s why people will choose to hire you instead of someone else, afterall.