portrait + Wedding photography

I'm Valerie. I'm an East-Coast based photographer who digs real moments.
I don't think professional has to mean stuffy or traditional. I believe in doing things your own way, being yourself and having some fun along the way. 

The pandemic was tricky enough for planning a wedding. Add in military deployments to try and work around and Zach and Tara might win the gold medal for wedding rescheduling. Before their wedding, though, came their Norfolk Freemason District engagement session. We met up in the freemason district, strolled past the battleship Wisconsin (to honor […]

I see your engagement sessions and raise you a Norfolk Neon District portrait session for your anniversary. Misty and Chris are two of my favorite people (a bunch of you might recognize Misty from second shooting your wedding or all of the photos I take of her for Misty Saves the Day sometimes). If there […]

True Statement: I love a building and a wall and a mural maybe more than anything. I will take all of the photos in park and on the beach and anywhere great… but give me a grungy wall and a shady alley and I am in my photo happy place. Erica and Alex wanted photos […]

I met Rachel and Robert in DC for their Meridian House Engagement Session. These two were getting ready to move back home from DC and wanted to make sure we got a little piece of their life in DC in their session. They were coming back for their wedding, but we wanted to sneak these […]

I met up with Leah and Hieu and we explored the museum grounds at their VMFA engagement session back in January of 2020. Fact: You should do whatever you want for your engagement session… if you want a reason to wear that formal dress you love, DO IT. If you want to sit on your […]

So, Covid was a thing. (Let’s state the obvious, Val.) And that meant a lot of people had rescheduled weddings. Lauren and Colton were two of those people… and with reschedules comes a second set of save the dates… and with a second set of save the dates… a second Hampton Roads Engagement Session. We […]

I met Kate and Matthew at their favorite block of murals for their Hagerstown Engagement Session. Well… actually, it was an engagement MINI session… but here are a few of my favorites. Small amount of time. One specific location. A lot of cute photos.