no stuffy prom poses and no saying cheese, unscripted sessions are the AWKWARD-FREE ANSWER TO GETTING YOUR PHOTO TAKEN. IT'S BASICALLY JUST SLIGHTLY GUIDED HANGING OUT.








lifestyle sessions are documentary at its purest. You guys do your thing and I'll sit back and capture all of those sweet little moments... ninja style... like a fly on the wall.
just pretend like I'm not there. (ignore the camera shutter.)




unscripted sessions involve using prompts.
"stand over there." or "pile up on the couch." or "turn and hug." What you do from there is up to you...
don't worry, i will fix things where they are needed.
we're going to walk and talk and laugh.

lifestyle sessions are 100% documentary based.

not really.
just be your awesome selves.
and relax. this is going to way less awkward and weird than you think.

if you're going to change up your hair, make the appointment for 1-2 weeks before your session.
(and please stay away from the tanning bed.)

if all else fails, a beer or drinky-drink before your session can help.

wear something that you're comfortable in and makes you feel like a little bit of a bad ass.
you want to look like normal you... just cranked up a notch.

we're going to move around and walk a lot. wear comfortable shoes. or at least have a pair of flip flops in your bag for while we're walking.

SATURATED bold colors > washed out pastels.

dudes! That's up to you.
I always suggest somewhere that means something... and/or somewhere that we can get a lot of variety.

the neighborhood around your favorite coffee shop. the beach and surrounding streets where you got engaged. the industrial section of town with all the murals.

p.s. your home is always, always a good idea.

unless it's your pet or something you're planning on actually doing during your session (cracking open champagne or a giant flamingo float so you can jump in the bay), i'd kind of prefer you to leave all of your stuff at home.

confetti canons + smoke bombs.
80s glamour shots costumes.
dinosaur masks.
tandem bikes + beach cruisers.
your kids' favorite toys.

very few people have perfectly styled homes. don't worry about that, pal. your home is a reflection of your life and where you are at in this exact moment... and it is perfect.
it is lived in and loved in and that is worth remembering and celebrating.
you do not need a home straight out of a magazine to get great photos.

and please, please, please don't spend days
deep-cleaning before your session. let it ride. i'd rather you be well-rested than the windows freshly washed.

no. shhhhh. NO.
just do it now.
put on a kick ass outfit... and live it up.
you look great.
and you'll love your photos. pinky promise.

and even though i mainly give you prompts and will never overly pose you... i will always strive to make sure you look your best in the most natural, real way possible.

trust me. I've been doing this for a while.