sometimes you just need those kickass portraits for your social media presence and for your website... and you're not a full-fledged corporation. (i feel you.)

I created these packages so you can get some awesome photos to show your clients! Feel free to change outfits and locations as many times as you want within your allotted time!


$250.00 per session
($1,500.00 total)

looking for out of the box Small business marketing content?
Let's run as far away from a grey backdrop we can get and make it happen.
you get to create your own marketing + branding content package.
think of this as a create-your-own sundae bar. (because who doesn't love an ice cream sundae?)
you start with the base price... and add on whatever you need.
sprinkle it all on or only add a little. your call.

$450.00 per day

$25.00 per person

$50.00 per grouping

$100.00 per hour

$150.00 per hour

$125.00 per hour

$10.00 per product